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7 bloggers who changed the way I see the world


Like all the other people in the world, I have not read the hardy boys. Yes, never.

When I was young I thought – whoever read those had some special organ which produced loads of patience. Not that I did not try, I wouldn’t understand it then. And in my school only ‘special’ students had regular access to library and I was not one of them.

In my college days I was doing orkut, eventually facebook but never reading anything(even online). Everything changed when I came across this guy Derek Sivers’ blog. His posts were a treat to read. One by one I started reading all his articles. Given my vocabulary I wished there were more people who wrote as simply as this guy and I came across My Heroes post of his.

He introduced many of his heroes in that post. I began to read them. A new world started to open up. I read more. I liked them more.

I believe whatever I am today, these people had a major part to play. My writing skill (if any good) or my “meter” to quit my job to explore or my views or my lifestyle or my habits – these guys have had a major influence. Some parts of me is just them. So if you like what I am, what I write you are probably liking them. Here they are -

  1. Seth Godin : You probably know him already. If not, great, now you know. Arguably he is considered America’s best marketer. He writes daily on marketing, creating art, work and you. Some posts that I like-
    1. Fear, Scarcity and value
    2. If your happiness is based on getting something more than what you’ve already got..
    3. How else are you supposed to take it?
  2. Zen Habits by Leo Babuta: I read his story. I learnt how to live without a goal. His life is inspiring. Over 250,000 subscribers, named over 2 times the TIME top 25 blogs of the year, I guess every other blogger reads him.
  3. The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Gullibeau: “You don’t have to live your life the way other people expect you to” – This simple message of his struck me deep. He is a travel hacker, traveled to over 185 countries.
    • “What do you really want to get out of your life?” – If this question intrigues you, then you should read his free ebook – A brief guide to world domination
    • Writing fascinates me. Building a trust fascinates me. When I was struggling with both Sameer suggested me Chris’ free ebook (about writing, building a trust with the audience) – 279 days to Overnight Success. If writing and building trust excites you, then you should read it
  4. theminimalists by Joshua and Ryan: The purpose of their lives is “To bring value to the world”. They preach, teach and live minimalism. Some of my favourite essays written by them -
  5. In over your head by Julien Smith: His writing shows you that middle finger all the time – the reason I love reading him. My favorite posts of his
  6. Exile Lifestyle by Colin Wright: A travel blogger. His writing sometimes pierce me. Some of his good reads -
  7. Penelope Trunk : An honest, badass, personal, witty female writer. I started reading her recently and she is good

Huff, I’m tired on right clicking and linking each of these so many links, but I’m glad I did. I pray to the lord that you find these people inspiring as I do :)

Btw, Who are your favorite bloggers? Mind sharing?


  1. Tejaswi says:

    I had waiting for some time for you to share your favorite bloggers. I am certainly going to bookmark these.
    THank you so much

  2. Seema says:

    Hey Anil.. I too follow Zen Habits & In over your head. And one more fav blogger bobdiya. :) :)

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