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Creativity is sun


Creativity is a belief.

Creativity is a natural yearning of the Being.

You can’t not-be-creative unless you choose to believe so.

Brain is designed to look at snakes biting their tails and use that structure in chemistry.

Brain can naturally draw inspiration from one field to visualize, to put things in place and create in another world.

Yet most of us don’t consider ourselves creative.

Why is that we believe we are not the creative type?

Because mind is relative. Every action it makes a comparison. The more that happens the more it gets biased and the more it starts worrying about how to do things in comparison to others.

Consider this: With one group of people you find yourself not very alive, not creative enough, you are just another guy in the group. But with another group of people suddenly you are not yourself. You are another person, you are the one with amazing ideas and you feel super cool. With one group you don’t contribute. With another you are in total sync, you contribute, you matter.

Happened to you?

Here, consider this another thing. Was there was ever a situation (I mean ever, ever) when people around tried to solve a problem. They tried and tried and tried, while you were the one who could see all the dots and connect them to solve the problem (however tiny). That moment of magic ever happened to you?

Creativity is in your true nature. Dare I say it is your true nature. It is when you create you resonate with something amazing beyond you. It is when you create, you feel alive.

But there is a problem. Actually two. One we already talked about – the mind being relative thing. Second is the skill. Creativity in head cant change the world. It happens when the beautiful connections and visualizations that happen in the brain are taken out and realized.

Keyword in the above statement ‘realize’. Making it happen.

It takes skill to create.

Learning a skill is boring. Eating chocolate ice cream is exciting. You can see the pleasure even before the ice cream is placed in the mouth. Learning a skill is like getting 6 packs. It is far in the future. It happens only over time and only with significant effort. With the lizard brain giving commentaries like “Do it later”, “Not important”, “It is hard”, “Not for me”, “No time” – giving up is what most people choose to do. You know getting 6 packs is cool but decide against it.

The journey of learning to ride a bicycle is from disbelief to belief. First you don’t believe. Sure you don’t. Because you’ve never done it. Of course, you won’t be able to do it now. How will you? But then: you sit on it, you peddle and you fall. You learn, “hey, this is not bad. I can sit and peddle and fall. Not bad at all. Probably this time, I can do a little more. Maybe complete a cycle of peddle”. You start seeing the light. You start believing in the possibility. You do it again and again and over time you believe you can balance a two wheeler bicycle. You find out that you indeed can. Now you are bicycle rider.

The art of fooling your lizard brain into believing that learning something that takes effort is rewarding and fulfilling and worth it is the trick. Here is some good advice on dealing with procrastination.

And here are some tips in getting yourself to start believing in your creative side


  • Stop hanging around with people around whom you can’t contribute
  • Meet strangers. Some of them will resonate. Stay around – more likely you will find more such people
  • Whenever possible – express. Let yourself be

When there is continuous darkness for twenty four hours, those days are said to be Polar nights. And there are many such days in the Arctic/Antarctic region. Living in such conditions might give thoughts on the possibility of absence of the sun. Even seeing a lot of gloomy days might have taken away your belief in feeling goodness of the sunshine. But, the truth remains.

Sun is to the universe as creativity is to you.

May be you will have to change your continent or wait for the weather to change or whatever to find your sun. I don’t know. But the truth remains – deep inside – it is there.


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  1. Amoghavarsha Suresh says:

    Nice piece of writing, inspiring! Thanks for writing this, especially the metaphor!

  2. rashmi Sandesh says:

    Rightly said ‘creativity is nurtured over time ‘
    Loved it.. Something which i was in need of.. Loved the example of learning cycle :-)

    Keep it coming :-)

  3. SMS says:

    “Sun is to the universe as creativity is to you” — very nice and true :)

  4. Soma Murthy says:

    Beautiful writing.
    I think humans unlike animals require to be unique owing to the size and development of our brains.
    When I say “unique” I don’t necessarily mean some thing that has never been tried before. I only mean something that another person similar to you might not be inclined to do.

    A year ago, I saw a great blind man Erik Weihenmayer who was the first blind (may be the only one) to climb Mount Everest. He was invited to speak at my company. No, I don’t mean such extraordinary feats when I say “unique.” If you do reach such unimaginable heights, more power to you.

    This thing that you do and consider “unique” might not appear unique to others. But that does not matter. Only you need to feel it is unique.

    Why is this uniqueness important? It is important because differentiation is the key for human sustenance unlike in animals where conformity is the key for success.

    Again success and sustenance refer to mind rather than body.

    In my case, I have two such unique things to my credit. One is yoga. I go for 90-minute Bikram yoga everyday, not missing a single day, unless I am traveling which happens once or twice a year. And I take numerous MOOCs on mainly biology. Neither of these activities do anything to promote me in my job or in my wealth.

    In your case, Anil, your blog is unique. Lots of people have blogs. But the topics you write on, your honesty, your writing style are certainly unique.

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