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Because of the decision I made that day


Sujith And my imageWith closed eyes, I’m savouring this slow and beautiful song ‘The fast train‘. While I’m deeply involved in enjoying the song, sitting on a hanging chair which is swinging slowly like a pendulum, Sujith (my roommate) taps on my hand.

I come out of my involvement. I unplug the earphones out of my ears and ask ‘Wassup?’

‘I’m going to the terrace. Would you like to join?’ he asks.

‘Sure’ I replied.

I walk with him.
I still remember the day.

I wanted to tell my manager, but I was scared like shit. Gathering whatever was left in me, I pinged: “I want to talk to you. Free?”. Her reply “yes. Come to the conf room”.

I take deep breathes and walk to the conference room. We enter.

I take deep breathes again.

We sit, and I first statement I tell “I would be quitting the company next month”. She smiles at me and at the same time is surprised.

I exhale. I feel relieved. Then we continued to talk for some more time.

I had not told anyone about this decision. None. As soon as I came back to my room, I tell Sujith: “Dude, I did it today! I told my manager that I’m going to resign.”

This was one fantasy that we shared: quitting our jobs. We talked about it. We dreamed it. We wanted to do it just for the kick of it. We wanted to see how hard can it get outside.

As soon as he heard it, I saw the blood rushing to his face. He was excited.

His urge to shake things up were strong too. Seeing me, he couldn’t resist taking action for many days. 3 months later he quit his job. Since then it has been a bumpy ride for both of us.

We are currently in Vishakapatnam working on an idea, trying to get something running here. I don’t know how it is going to turn out. But fingers crossed.

While I’m thinking all of this, sitting on the terrace of the apartment looking at the store on the ground floor, watching the vehicles run on the highway with Sujith, the breeze flowing from the nearby beach is making this place a perfect spot for silent conversations of the night.

Sujith taps my hand again and I unplug my earphones again to hear him out.

“Dude, you know what? When I was in LKG class, I used to piss down from 2nd floor! :P”

Haha.. All smiles and laughs. Lol actually.

I never imagined we would be together having this conversation with my best friend in a place unknown to me and doing something unusual together. I feel lucky to have had that courage to quit my job then. Given a chance now, probably, I wouldn’t have done it.

After our laugh, we chat for some more time and then we go back to our thing: staring the roads, the buildings around, the mountains far away and the skies.

My life has changed because of the proactive decision that I took then. And I’m looking forward to know what’s in store for us here. Curious =)

And you, wherever you are, keep rocking!



  1. DejaVu says:

    Remembers me a lot of things man.. :).. Very well written.. and good luck to your venture in vishakapatnam :)

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  4. nayana says:

    Pretty ‘Che’esque with an unfretted journey, eh! Reminds me of -The Motorcycle Diaries!

    Good luck!

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