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Early, late and your priorities


Image credit: Robert S Donovan (Creative commons)

Image credit: Robert S Donovan (Creative commons)

“Sunday 6PM, Kalmane Coffee at Forum mall” she said.

Your first time. You are excited. You are nervous too. More than anything you don’t want to piss her off on your first date. You know you can’t be certain about the weekend traffic in Bangalore, hence, plan to reach there 30 minutes early. God’s grace, you reach there 45 minutes early. Huff..

The date goes well and you go on more such dates with her. After a couple of such occasions when you have gotten used to her and she has gotten used to you, you start thinking -”It is OK if I am late. Maybe she’ll understand”. You blame the rush of vehicles and the work at office and the traffic signals for your late arrivals.

While Einstein says sitting with a pretty girl makes you feel the hour passed like a minute. I’m sure he means it is a new pretty girl every time. That’s relativity he says. Sure, that’s relativity. And everybody knows it. Everybody will not see the reason you give for being late, they will see relatively how important this meeting is to you.

I am not saying arriving late is good or bad. Good or bad, important or not – is for you to decide. I am saying, when you are early/late to a meeting, when you show up or do not show up to a function, it says something about your priorities.

Just make sure what you are communicating and what you intend to communicate are the same.


  1. Soma Murthy says:

    If you are looking forward to it you will never arrive late. If you arrive late, it means your heart is not fully in it, or other things which obviously considered were more important held you up.

    What can be more important than meeting your date? Screw everything else.

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