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The complete package


Creative commons photo - flickr stream of Ell brown

Creative commons photo – flickr stream of Ell brown

If you wake up tomorrow and decide that you don’t like the phenomenon of gravity, and then decide you are going to live as if it does not exist, well, some bad things might happen to you. If you are going to hop over from this building to that, with the assumption that gravity does not exist because you don’t like it, you going to get hurt.

As much as you like feeling great and optimistic and desire success, averting from feeling low and embarrassed and vulnerability is like rejecting the phenomenon of gravity. They are part of the package, the package of being a human.

Realize, you don’t become a bad person when you feel envy or you don’t become a weak person when you cry. You are feeling what every other human feels.

The ritual of eating the mixture of jaggery (sweet) and neem leaves (bitter) is in place for the same reason – to practice – embracing it all equally.

I’ve made mistakes, I’ve misspoke, I am sure I will again sometime, but that happens, that’s part of being human in my book. I’m OK with that. I’ve never done it maliciously, ever.
- Curt Schilling

Heartfelt wishes on being human.


  1. Soma Murthy says:

    “They are part of the package, the package of being a human.”

    Very true. Humans think, that is why we are humans. Thinking and thoughts are part and parcel of human existence. By concentration, or meditation, we may be able to suspend or reduce the rate of thoughts.

    Once we are out of meditation, we are back to full-fledged “thought” creatures. We have some control on what those “thoughts” are about, not 100% control. Senses aid to what we think. Sometimes thoughts about some thing or event or person or topic just gushes up uncontrollably.

    There is no point in squelching the thought, instead, it is better to acknowledge the thought and let it run its course. While we may not be able to control the thought, we are able to control translating the thought into action. We ARE responsible for our actions; we cannot say, well the thoughts drove me to doing it.

    We are all kind of schizophrenic –

    I, as X, think.

    I, as Y, is watching what I am thinking, judging what I am thinking, deciding whether I need to do anything about it, encourage X to continue thinking along the same line, do nothing so X gets bored and just brings on another thought.

    X is not culpable, but Y is. Y should never dismiss X. But Y should keep busy with meaningful activities so X has room to intervene. When X does intervene, acknowledge, but be in control as to how far you will take X’s output.

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