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The girl I never talked about


This post is not the one where I fool you in the end. This one is part real and part fabricated. To what degree, is left to your imagination


One reason I hated first few days at my college: I had to wake up as early as 7 and run to college to reach by 730AM. For the first time I was away from my family and I liked the freedom. It was liberating. Watching a lot of movies, gossiping with new friends and night walks were normal. Ergo waking up early was hard. It was the first time I was getting educated outside my native place and hence I did not want to mess it up. I dragged myself to class with a lot of frustration. Those 3 hours from 730AM to 1030AM were the most difficult. Reasons being sleep and empty stomach. The sound of bell at 1030 was always exhilarating. More so, if we were having a workshop class where we did the hard labor of filing and shaping pieces of metals. After the bell, I would head straight to the leak room to take one and then a face wash. Walking tired and refreshed towards the canteen on the hot large ground which was on the way, with the sun striking my face, I felt extremely deserving to eat the set dosa that I was going to order at the cafeteria.

Though I have walked across this group of girls many times on my way to the cafeteria, but this time I noticed this girl. She was not the most beautiful in the group, nor that hot, nor was she tall enough that would have made us a good pair. She felt right. It felt like that is how a girl should be. There at that moment, I could recall a past incident. She was the girl ahead of me in that queue, 3 months ago in the Common Entrance test cell paying the fees. She had just chosen her seat to the college and I was peeping into her application to find out her name. I saw it and it felt great to know she was joining the college I was.

She was never shy. She walked like she embraced the world with her legs. I had totally fallen for the way she walked. The way her friends call her is peculiar. It sounds and fits her personality very well. She has the innocent naughtiness of a school going girl at the same time does not hesitate to use the weapons that comes along with being the bad-ass teenager.

I liked her. I was her fan. I was also scared to talk to her. Even though I had a girlfriend then, I didn’t discuss my admiration for this girl. Who would? I might have probably made comments about her style, her wits and my liking towards it in front of some of my close friends, but never how much I admired her. One day I heard that she broke up with her boyfriend and I was not having a good time with my girlfriend either. Thoughts would come, you know, to act on both fronts. But then I was too shy. I have another girlfriend now. And to my current girlfriend: I am sorry this is not you. But I still love you.

It was one of the great days of my life when she mentioned that I write well. I was on cloud 9. I have talked to her couple of times but nothing friendly more of formal hi-byes. She writes sometimes, she clicks, she dances and many more things she does. She lives and enjoys life very well. I hope she will read this and a thought would pop up in her mind “Maybe he is talking about me” and then smile about it. Just thinking about its possibility makes me happy. In any case if you are reading this, don’t hesitate to ask for any help you need. Will help you with no questions asked. Anytime.

She was everything that I was not. Probably the reason I was so attracted to her. I still am.

Always your fan.


  1. happi says:

    Only one question:
    Who is she macha ;)

  2. Soma Murthy says:

    I have to admit you do write very well.
    Writing well is much more than proper grammar and right vocabulary. It is captivating the reader with your story. You do that well.

    I hope you will meet her in a college reunion and just tell her about the past amorous feelings and laugh about it.

    • bobdiya says:

      Thank you Soma.

      I hope too. But I am not sure I will be brave enough to do that given the fact that she is currently married or has a boyfriend :P

  3. Soma Murthy says:

    Now you have done it! Everyone wants to know who the girl is!

    I am taking a MOOC called “The Introduction to Biology – The Secret of Life” taught by Eric Lander of MIT. He is of genome project fame, advises Obama and is an amazing teacher. He won in 2012 a huge prize of $3 million (twice as much as Nobel). One reason why he is so good in teaching is he knows how to tell stories just like you.

    I want to share a very interesting story about his courtship with a girl when he was an undergrad (and later married her). See it in

    If you are interested watch these videos:

    I have never met a more amazing teacher in my life.

  4. SMS says:

    very well written :)

  5. Nice dude :) we’re all little more than curious to know ;)

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