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5 reasons – why I write?


ReasonsWhen I tell some of my friends that I take about 6 hours to write and publish a post, they are surprised. Firstly, 6 hours is too much of time; Secondly, if I did have the time I wouldn’t have the patience – they say.

Some of us who have so much to say, so much to write but we don’t. Already registered a blog, probably even wrote the first post but then forgot about it. I’ll tell you why that happens.

  • It happens because we are scared to put ourselves there

What are my colleagues going to think of me? What is my brother going to think of me? What will my friends think of me? How will I be received? Yes, I agree with you, you will be taken differently. You will be judged based on what you write. But that is what you exactly want? To show who you are.

Reason (1) why I write : To show my true self; To tell my story.

I tweeted the following post last year

The things we fear are probably feared by others, and when we avoid them, we’re doing what others are doing as well.

Which is why there’s a scarcity of whatever work it is we’re avoiding.

And of course, scarcity often creates value.

The shortcut is simple: if you’re afraid of something, of putting yourself out there, of creating a kind of connection or a promise, that’s a clue that you’re on the right track. Go, do that.

- Seth Godin

Every hair on my body stood reading this.

In the above post, Seth talked about something I already knew, something simple and yet it made a deep impact.

I still remember my friend Advith’s reply tweet – Articulating simple things well is such an art

Reason (2) why I write : I love the art of writing

People give me various kinds of advice on how to increase the traffic around here. Criticize they say, don’t mind spamming they say and other tricks. Not my cup of tea. The noise of aunty from neighboring house, noise of honking vehicles, noise of marketers selling their products is already too much. The world has more noise than it can take. I don’t want to add anymore for the sake of increasing traffic.

I have been fortunate enough that many friends have given me their permission to tell my story on facebook, or in their inboxes.

I write because I want to connect with people who resonate with what I write, who trust me.

Reason (3) why I write : To connect with people like me

At the end of 2011, I shared a strategy which I called Golden rule of getting up early:

As soon as the alarm rings. You switch off the alarm, switch off your mind. Go and sit on the potty

Even though I’d used this strategy to wake up early, I didn’t really believe that this could really help someone. Turned out it did. On my last day at office my colleague was kind enough to appreciate my writings.

That is when I started believing that I could be useful through a blog. Then on my primary aim of writing here shifted from pleasing some bunch of people or attracting more traffic to sharing my story and being useful.

Reason (4) why I write : Be useful

There are times I go back and read my old posts. I sit there, read and wonder – Wow! How could I even do that – write so beautifully.

One admiring one’s own work is such a wonderful thing. That is probably when people say – they love what they do. Writing is such a thing for me. Every post I write is an accomplishment. Every post I write is one more part of me that I am exposing. I can’t imagine without doing it.

Reason (5) why I write : Keeps me moving forward

All these reasons make seem that spending 6 hours to write a post isn’t a big deal. Is it?

Btw, Do you write? What are your reasons?

Img: Mikko


  1. Happi says:

    I write because it is relieving and I find pleasure in translating my thoughts into words

  2. Pavan says:

    We should meetup sometime :)

  3. soma murthy says:

    Writing is a process. You have a thought, an idea and you start writing it down. In the process of writing, the initial thought gets refined and transformed, new thoughts are generated. At the end, what you wrote very likely will not resemble the initial thought. Also, you become a better individual as a result of now having a more cogent set of thoughts.

    Writing takes time because in the process of writing you are having a conversation with yourself. You learn to listen to yourself, you learn to criticize yourself, you learn to appreciate yourself. You learn to love yourself.

  4. Rahul says:

    Well I will start with , why I started writing. Because my best friend was :)
    But by the I finished the first post I realized that I was gonna do this for a long time to come. It’s exhilarating every-time you hit the publish button. You voice goes out to the people far and wide and has the potential to go places where you never physically can!

  5. Hi.,
    I was introduced to your blog by one of my fb contacts. I appreciate your work(!? for lack of better word) on your blog.

    The toughest thing in one’s life is, being to true to yourself..
    Congrats as you started practicing. One great example is Gandhi’s Auto-biography. Dont look at him as “Mahatma” or as a great leader. Read it and treat him as your room mate. The line of thought is almost similar. Being true to yourself. An easy topic but a tough one to put into practice..

    great start..keep it up.


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