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Your first race


Horse first race imageUnrelated, but I would like you to listen to this song, while you read.

Do you ever have thoughts which leave a trace? A trace of something being incomplete. Something not right.

Am I just getting on with life?

Gazing outside my window, I sit alone streching my hands listening to passenger‘ music. I am pondering over these thoughts during late nights when everyone is asleep.

These moments are scary.

I know. I know it. I know what one needs to do. You need to move forward. Yet…

Yet you get on with life. Even though there are so many things you want to do, you get on. You get on with the weekends and the weekdays. You get on with not discussing that idea that you wanted to, not saying what you wanted to. You get on not doing what needs to be done. You get on not giving a chance for your dreams to come true.

You know reaching the end is the most fulfilling thing. And yet, you don’t care to reach there. Why? Because somewhere in middle you say yourself – I am too late to start. Others are already ahead of me. And give up.

Truth is – nobody cares. But you, you need it. For yourself. Don’t you? Success or not, impact or not, value or not, you need that. You need to accomplish. No matter how small, you need to see the end. You need to see that, you can do something on your own. You need to see that you can run.

My friend, this is your race. Yours only. There is nobody else to run against.

You just need that one accomplishment. You just need that first race that you need finish.

It is only you to whom you need to prove.

Just run to finish. The first race.

Image: Paolo


  1. Sri Harsha says:

    Its always a nice feeling to see the other end no matter what… Your blog posts make me think of unstarted, unfinished childhood dreams. Nice post once again Anil. Keep going bobdiya.. :)

  2. Milind Bableshwar says:

    Was expecting the post to be long enough to be read until the song ended :P Anyways, nice work !

  3. Panduranga says:

    Really like the way emotions of a person are presented. Whenever a person succeeds his friends, himself write and talk about it.
    But when a person fails to do something which he was very keen to, either no one talks about it, the person knows what mistake he has done, but doesn’t write or speak about it. But instead of success stories , failure stories were written , read and heard , probably man would not have done so many mistakes in his life.

    But I think the theme of your blog was very closely related to publishing feelings related to failure, which i very much admire.

  4. umesha says:

    Its Nice.

  5. Sameer says:

    I’m guessing it’d be harder and harder for you to continue writing on this blog.. but again.. you’re the only one in this race.. so who cares :) ?

  6. Soma Murthy says:

    No one can finish all the races h/she starts. That is OK. When you start a race, you have an idea of the difficulty it entails and whether you will be up to it. But, sometimes, it may be harder than you imagined and may unduly stress you to finish it. You don’t have to finish it just for the sake of finishing it. You need to strive to finish it ONLY if you still think it is important to YOU. That is another thing, engage in a race, only for YOU, not for any body else.

    I love to read your blogs. You are open, honest, and I learn from your blogs.

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