Experiment 1: 60 minutes for 60 days

It has been 22 days since I published my 22 experiments for 2022 post. My first experiment for the year will be to do a 60 day meditation routine. While I’ve done enough meditation practice to feel like I’m going to complete the activity successfully, what I’m curious about is – the outcome and the changes.

In December 2021 – I have been regular. Screenshot from my meditation app – showing that I’ve almost practiced everyday for 30 mins.  (Light blue dots – 30 mins, Highlighted blue dots – 1hr)

Dec 2021 – Meditation practice streak

I started my 1hr practice from Jan 1st 2022. Screenshot for practice so far (till today).

Jan 2022 – Meditation practice streak

It seems to me that there is an unrealistic expectation from meditation, that, as soon as you start practicing, one becomes free! Quite the opposite. My wife recently asked me why I am so uptight & irritable? I don’t know if this is a symptom of something good or not so good. 

In any case, I want to be as open as possible to whatever unravels.

Experiment 1 details:

Duration: 60 minutes everyday for 60 consecutive days

Start date: 9 Jan 2022, 9 Jan 2022, 24 Jan 2022

End date: 9 March 2022

Deadline: 9 June 2022 (Just in case I miss my streak, I will restart)


  • Sit with straight back & closed eyes for 60 minutes
  • Avoid movement as much as possible
  • Avoid opening eyes as much as possible
  • Try to do this first thing in the morning
  • Try to do it on empty stomach or atleast 2hrs after a meal

Method: “no effort” meditation / Vipassana

Why Meditation?

While peace of mind seems to be my goal with this practice, I want myself to have more clarity. Clarity, probably, is everything that one seeks for. When there is clarity, there is freedom.

What is Meditation? 

Lack of interference is meditation. Therefore, by definition, one cannot ‘do’ something to be meditative. You might, then, ask – what are we doing here? The practice is to spend a good amount of time sitting, waiting & possibly experiencing a few moments, of you being without you, where you are in a flow, where there are no stories, where you see things as they are.

How to wait? 

You witness.

Forcing the mud to settle in any way is simply going to unsettle it more. You wait for the mud to settle.

We, humans, like prescriptions, the how-tos, the 10 step guide. But wrapping our head around – how to wait? might be challenging – as it is counterintuitive to the mind. The best written guide I’ve found is from Naval. Here you go –

A twitter thread from Naval

1. All chases, whether flow, drugs, beauty, thrills, orgasm, or devotion, are attempts to escape from the mind. Meditation is the direct path.

2. Just as the sky rains when the clouds are heavy, and the body sleeps when the limbs are tired, meditation arrives when the mind is calm.

3. Sixty minutes are easier than thirty, as it takes time for the mind to settle down. Sixty consecutive days are needed, just as it takes time for the body to go from unfit to fit.

4. Make no effort for or against anything. Whatever happens, happens. Surrender to yourself in the moment. Resist nothing and reject nothing, including the urge to resist and reject.

5. Meditation is not going through thoughts but rather letting thoughts go through you. The thought “I am meditating” is also a thought.

6. No focus, no mantra, no dharma, no chakras, no Buddhas, no gurus, no gratitude, no scripture, no temple, no music, no gadgets, no apps are required. Some may be helpful, but eventually all will have to be left behind. Start simply, because that’s where this all ends.

7. There are many meditation methods, but “no effort” is the universal method. Every creature at all times can choose to do nothing.

8. You cannot fail at meditation.

9. Ignore all advice on meditation, including this thread.

Meditation is good for nothing. That’s why you do it.


Now, go do nothing!





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