Update 1 for Experiment 1: 60 mins for 60 days

Note: For context, read the post Experiment 1: 60 minutes for 60 days if you haven’t already.

Here is how my meditation practice been so far:

It seems fair to me to categorize my practice as reasonably regular. Wouldn’t you?

Why did this experiment start? It started with my story

Story 1: I’m taking care of my physical health, but no so much overall. Let me start meditating

I was practicing Yoga. This took care of my physical health, but not so much for my stress, composure capacities etc. Given that I was managing my physical, I directed the experiment to my spiritual* well being (*mental health doesn’t seem right. Spiritual also doesn’t. But the feeling leans towards spiritual).

I put out the experiment publicly as a blog post as it would make me accountable. There was an unintended consequence. My focus and accountability on the meditation practice made me miss my Yoga practice often. Meditation had become the top priority. My story evolved –

Story 2: My meditation practice is good, but Yoga practice – not so much. It doesn’t feel right

I changed my routine. I worked to make both of these practices fit into my day. Sometimes I would meditate as soon as I woke up & practice Yoga either before lunch or in the evening. The other alternative was to practice Yoga in the morning & meditation just before my sleep. I was feeling great. Again, my story evolved –

Story 3: I want to practice yoga and meditation first thing in the day

The total time for the practice is 2.5 hours. If I woke up late and want to practice these in the morning, it would be unworkable in many ways. Daughter would wake up and not let me do it. I wouldn’t have focused time to practice. I would not be able to help to prepare the breakfast. Not only that, but I would be too hungry. Finally, my story evolved to –

Story 4 – my current story: I want to wake up early, by 5am

What I eventually realized was that I wasn’t lazy about my practice. I just had difficulty waking up early. Waking up late & practicing both of these in the morning wasn’t workable. 

My strategy to wake up early

I sought help from my friends via a WhatsApp status. 3 friends volunteered. Thankfully, 2 of them are from a different timezone – this way I don’t need to find others to wake them up 😉

I setup an alarm & sleep. I attempt to wake up to the alarm. If I wake up, then I leave a message in the group that I woke up. If I miss, then they call me and wake me up.

This has been working. Not 100%. I’m in general happy with the progress I’ve made. Most of the days I wake up. Sometimes I do text in the group and sleep.

My story might evolve again. So will my resolve and commitment. Thank you for your attention.





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