I was scrolling through my Whatsapp statuses. One of them said RIP Vinay. I called the friend to check. He didn’t know the details but confirmed the untimely demise of Vinay.

Vinaykumar Sajjanar

Vinay was my junior in the Engineering College (2005 – 2009). We got to know each other because of our volunteering work with a school in Mysuru. I also remember that he had written a book containing his poems and that was released in college. Apart from those brief interactions, we did not know each other much during the college years.

In 2015, many years later, when I was launching, we came in touch again. We spoke a lot during those days. He visited our office couple of times. We ate together. He had written a beautiful note in Kannada for us, that we shared with our customers. While I was searching for some pictures of this beautiful note that he had written for us, I found something else that he had written this back in 2015

Everytime I saw Uttara Karnataka meals on his whatsapp status, I would respond.

Me: I need this food. I’ll come some day.
Vinay: Definitely brother. Definitely please come.

Also, he liked and supported me writing blog posts.

And when I recently wrote a post, he appreciated it.

We spoke about & discussed a bunch of things – His creation Kahale. His side hustle ArtSoul. His dilemmas. My dilemmas. On how businesses work. Sometimes our dreams too.

If one is really honest with oneself, one would realize that there is a very slim chance that one would find a person one would connect with on a deep level. Connection doesn’t mean understanding, friendship or the like.

Connection is just the feeling that something fits remarkably well. It always clicks. Connection feels right. Connection allows you to be authentic.

We connected.

There is pain & it still feels unreal to me that he is no more.

Wish I had visited his place to eat the Uttara Karnataka food.
Wish I had spoken more.
Wish I had spent more time with him.

More than anything else, wish he had more time to manifest his dreams.

I pray and hope his family finds the strength to deal with this.


Vinay’s creation: – A forum encouraging & supporting new writers and readers of kannada language

Vinay’s blog: Bhavasharadi

Vinay’s side hustle: ArtSoul

Gowrisha, Yoga and me

This was about 10 years ago. I received a broadcast in my inbox for a meditation session at the office. It was from Gowrisha. He was my boss’s boss. I was intimidated by him. Boss’s boss is supposed to intimidate you :).  But meditation interested me and I was there for the session. After the meditation session, Gowrisha encouraged all the participants to join a Yoga class in Basavangudi taught by Sri Raghavendra Shenoy. I along with many others joined the class. Gowrisha too joined the class.
I continued learning from Sri Raghavendra Shenoy while Gowrisha did not continue. Several years later, Gowrisha opened a yoga studio. Not sure when, but I switched from Shenoy Sir’s classes to Gowrisha’s classes.

Gowrisha’s teaching has the gentleness of compassion and playfulness of a kid. During my difficult days (My business wasn’t doing so well) he encouraged me to keep up my practice. It helped. I haven’t been so regular attending his classes but he always checks on me if I am practicing. I’ve also heard that he is lazy (not the doesn’t-want-to-get-outside-the-bed type, mind you he wakes up at 230am to practice) but the type who is never in a hurry to get somewhere. 

Practice & Perfect are his two favourite words I think 🙂

In everyone’s life, there are very few people who you don’t want to let down, and for me Gowrisha is one of them. In any case, I’m pretty sure that he will continue to accept me. I have been fortunate to have met Gowrisha and interact with him. Profoundly impacted by his life.

A Guru is never the person. A Guru is your own light which manifests in a human form to help you recognize the true nature of who you are

Not sure who wrote this. Read it in a friend’s whatsapp status

Thank you Gowrisha. Happy Guru Poornima

Gowrisha Hosakere (image from Samyama Academy of Yoga)

Gowrisha’s studio: Samyama Academy of Yoga